To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ball de Diables dels Pallaresos group, we were commissioned to build a fiery beast representing a chimera, a classic monster from Greek mythology, consisting of a lion with a goat's head emerging from its back and a snake emerging from its tail. In our case, in addition, the Diables group decided to add some bat wings. Another specification was that the figure had to be carried by a single person, and therefore had to have a reasonable weight.

When considering this type of festive imagery work, we always prioritize that the figures are very practical. So we focused on preparing a design that could be transported in a standard-sized van, and that the figure could be disassembled so that larger volumes could enter through regular-sized doors.

On the other hand, we were waiting to make a balanced piece with a wide interior, which is pleasant to load, and to solve the problem of poor visibility that sometimes occurs in these festive elements we decided to include a camera with a screen inside, which allows the wearer to have a good field of vision from the inside.

The group of Diables was also very clear about the aesthetic they wanted to give to their chimera: expressive, aggressive and realistic, without too many fantasy details, despite being an imaginary animal.

The resulting figure is a unique piece, made with fiberglass and resins with flame retardant additives, with illuminated glass eyes and painted with acrylic glazes. It weighs 58kg, the wings and the head of the snake and the goat can be removed, it has 14 removable fire points, and to leave it planted only two small wooden sticks are needed.

We hope to see her for many popular festivals and town squares.
Enjoy it Ball de Diables Pallaresos.

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