During the Agricultural Fair of Sant Miquel de Lleida 2022, you can see the explanatory model on the different anti-frost solutions for fruit trees offered by the company IRRIGA Water Solutions.

Although technically it is not a complicated model, it was a challenge to plan and design how we could attractively present and focus the visitor's attention on such a small product as sprinklers.

After working together with the company's marketing team, we opted for a mix between a model and a display: we represent four longitudinal sections of the field, to visually explain the layout, model, number and height of sprinklers according to each one of the possible solutions, and then we place a real model of each of the sprinklers.

In this way we achieve that the visitors can easily see the real sprinkler from afar and get an idea of what the model is explaining. If they are interested, when they get closer they can easily understand and find the different sprinklers installed among the 1:20 scale trees.


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