This last friday, 14th of may 2021, La PORCA was presented in Sant Climent de Llobregat, wich will join the festive figures of the municipality.

This beast represents a female wild boar, and is designed so that it can participate in different acts: parades, theatrical representation and correfocs. 

With the idea of ​​achieving a figure that is easily manageable at the time of transport, and practical and comfortable in use, the PORCA measures only 2 meters in length, 1.2 meters in height and 80 cm in width, with a weight of 35 kg. It stands directly on its legs, without the need for additional structures, when unloaded or on display.

To start its construction, a 1:10 scale model was prepared to agree with the client on the design, position and general appearance. From the model, a life-size polystyrene block was carved, which would serve as a rigid core, on which the clay figure was modeled. Then, using various molds, the fiberglass sculpture was reproduced.

During the lamination of the fiberglass, the resin was prepared with a fire retardant additive that gives it better properties for its functions as a beast of fire.

The PORCA is equipped with an electric ignition system for its 5 pyrotechnic points, which are removable. In addition, during his performances as "bèstia de foc", his glass eyes, which always follow you with their gaze, light up in red, giving her a more aggressive and diabolical appearance.

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