We present the new SUSTAINABILITY AWARD trophy, designed by José Miguel Tortajada, for the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)

The design is inspired by the letter S (sustainability), which continues its natural path to become the symbol of infinity.
Thus we are presented with a figure without beginning and without end, where everything is interconnected, which has certain cycles and which feeds itself in order to continue to exist.

To materialize this project we drew a 3d file of the design, to get a polyamide print. The original idea was to reproduce the piece through the lost wax process. The result, however, was not the desired one, since the small imperfections caused by the gases during the casting process did not allow us to achieve the definition that such a geometric and delicate (almost hypnotic) design required.


We made a nickel-plated resin trophy, later applying a black patina to achieve the contrast between lines and to reinforce the depth effect of the piece.


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